Mavericks(Mac OS X 10.9)でHomebrewがあれこれエラー出てた件


最近 MacBook Pro(Late 2013)を買いまして、Mac OS が Mavericks になったんですが、

$ brew doctor


Warning: You are using Mac OS X 10.9.
We do not yet provide support for this (unreleased) version.
Error: Homebrew doesn't know what compiler versions ship with your version
of Xcode (5.0.1). Please `brew update` and if that doesn't help, file
an issue with the output of `brew --config`:


まだ Mac OS X 10.9 には正式対応してないよ、みたいなメッセージが出るけど、言われるがままにアップデートしてみます。

$ brew update


もう一度、brew doctorしてみたら、今度は以下のようなエラーが。

You have not agreed to the Xcode license agreements, please run 'xcodebuild -license' (for user-level acceptance) or 'sudo xcodebuild -license' (for system-wide acceptance) from within a Terminal window to review and agree to the Xcode license agreements.

Warning: You have not agreed to the Xcode license.
Builds will fail! Agree to the license by opening or running:
    xcodebuild -license

Xcode のライセンスに同意しないといけないらしい。ので、以下を実行してみます。

$ sudo xcodebuild -license


You have not agreed to the Xcode license agreements. You must agree to both license agreements below in order to use Xcode.

Hit the Enter key to view the license agreements at '/Applications/'


By typing 'agree' you are agreeing to the terms of the software license agreements. Type 'print' to print them or anything else to cancel, [agree, print, cancel]


もう一度、brew doctorで以下のエラー。

Warning: No developer tools installed.
You should install the Command Line Tools.
Run `xcode-select --install` to install them.


$ xcode-select --install


これでどうだ!とbrew doctorしてみると、

Your system is ready to brew.